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September 23 2012


Back pain prevention

Strengthening of abdomen, back and quads help to reduce their sensitivity, chance of lumbar pain is diminished. Strong abdomen, back and legs support better the spine, decreasing the pressure on spinal discs and preventing disks' disease.

Back pain prevention review
Key issue for strengthening back muscle is, paradoxically, engaging the stomach muscles. Of course, alongside them, back muscles must work well. Together, they create a "belt" muscle contraction that produces intra-abdominal pressure, which ensures you keep the column straight. A workout will be the abdominal pelvic flexion within the laying position.

Other useful training is:

Back pain prevention review
1. Lie on your back with all the knees slightly bent and feet stuck to the ground. Relax and contract the abdominal muscles, squeeze the lumbar back ("middle") on to the floor while contracting your buttocks and rising the pelvis as much as possible. Hold this situation Ten seconds and then relax the muscles. Repeat Ten times.

2. Execute movements described above, when you will find the pelvis raised up, bring your right knee to chest, without helping yourself with all the hands, then take it down making the same with all the left leg and hold this position for 5 seconds. Repeat it 10 times.

3. on your back, with a leg fully stretched along with the knee locked (another leg slightly bent, in a neutral position) learn to pick up the hip joint using the back muscles contracted. Then bring the member down without touching the ground. Repeat 10 x. Should you experience pain, the exercise ought to be interrupted; it's a task to bolster back muscles.

4. Keep your legs bent raised up until you can catch the knee, one knee in each hand. Move away your legs and pull the knees as near to the armpits. Pull both knees simultaneously. Relax allowing the arms to start up, but don't allow knees down. Repeat the process of pulling. This exercise is designed to stretch rapid strong back muscles.

5. Dr. Walter Meyers in the Veterans Infirmary in Hot Springs, South Dakota State recommends a straightforward exercise: patient lying on something hard and bent his feet down and up. Then relax and contract the hip muscles in coordination with inflection feet. Exercises are continued before the patient gets tired muscle is repeated 3 to 4 times each day. It is really an exercise for leg muscles.

Remember! Walking, swimming or walking through water will help keep a healthy back and result in a better oxygenation of the heart and other muscles which means health.

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